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Why Should You Use A Tongue Scraper Daily?

Many people shamefully do not use a tongue scraper daily. Some believe a toothbrush is enough. Others believe mouthwash is enough to do the job. Then there are people who pay no attention to their tongue during their regular oral hygiene routine.
The tongue is responsible for tasting and moving food around to be adequately chewed. It is covered in taste buds, which are housed in Lingual Papillae. Between each of these papillae, food, and drinks you have consumed throughout the day end up here. The food ends up rotting and the drinks end up spoiling, making a perfect home for foul-smelling bacteria. When you exhale out of your mouth, your friends, family, and others around you are treated to smells coming from the bacteria on your tongue.

Scraping Your Tongue Helps Get Rid of Bad Breath!

The “Standing Tall” Tongue Scrapers and “Folding Travel” Tongue Scrapers were designed to effectively and efficiently remove the food and drink debris in between your taste buds, that are home to bad breath causing bacteria. With its patented 3X Triple Scraping Edges, the bacteria growing on the food in between the taste buds you consumed is removed, leaving you with fresher, cleaner breath.

Scraping Your Tongue Improves Your Overall Oral Health!

Not only does Tongue Scraping lead to fresher breath, but it also improves your overall oral health. Removing the harmful bacteria from your tongue reduces the plaque buildup on your teeth and lowers the chances of getting gum disease that may cause receding gums and tooth loss.

Scraping Your Tongue Improves Your Sense Of Taste!

Removing the coating of food, drink, and bacteria from on your tongue and in between the papillae will actually improve your taste sense significantly! That delicious bowl of chili and the refreshing cup of juice will taste better after using a tongue scraper because your taste buds will be only tasting it rather than the cereal and coffee you had for breakfast. With the “Folding Travel” Tongue Scraper, which fits conveniently in your pocket, you can enjoy your meals while being on-the-go. Use it after each meal and throughout the day for fresh breath and to enjoy your meals.

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