NEW Triple Scraping Edge Technology

The Most Powerful and Effective,
Patented Triple Scraping Edges!
No other Tongue Scraper is like it!

  • Removes Bacteria and Food Debris That Cause Bad Breath
  • Revives Taste Buds, Bring The Flavor Out of Food and Drinks
  • Refreshes Your Breath Without Covering Up The Smell
Numerous taste buds cover our tongues. Our premium tongue scrapers have 3 Scraping Edges strategically placed at optimum positions between each other to balance the pressure placed on the tongue, reducing the possibility of damaging your taste buds.

The surface of our tongue is covered with Lingual Papillae, which house our numerous taste buds.
Our Premium Tongue Scraper’s Three Scraping Edges are positioned at an optimal distance from each other to balance and ease the pressure on the tongue, reducing potential damage to the taste buds, while removing food debris and particles that cause Bad Breath in fewer strokes.

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